I made a choice before not to put any pictures of my son anywhere on the web for some personal reason. But sometimes photo albums are hard to bring when travelling so I might as well just upload it and talk about it. Maybe someday DK will know a part of him that he was not aware before.

He was born November 4, 2010. Year of the tiger...

The moment I started this blog he is 2 1/2..

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dk in the past two weeks

Dk went Walking

We really feel a bit bored just staying at home, so we decided to go for a walk. 

not half way but Dk already drunk half his water :)

and his snack

dk running while eating (two things at the same time eh)

mama ask me to find a flower

Pointing at a flower, but I'm pissed she pretend not to see

finally mama said she can see the flowers (^_^)

now the journey continues :)

we glad we did that walk, at least I saw a lot of flowers (wild in the city eh) to blog :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

The New Breed of Warrior

once upon a time this was what the warrior wear... the head gear is what makes you different from the other side... I am really happy that they are now garments for photo's now a days and a lot of locals are earning something from it.

this photos were taken from the park and the garments we rent it from someone at the park. the price is a bit pricey 10php/shot but the memory is long lasting it's not every time they are going to wear something like this anyway.

I actually went to the extent of thinking to make dk a costume out of this BUT when I went to the market to attempt to buy the cloth to use I was shocked by the price, I know that it might cost me more than the normal fabric but boy oh boy I did not expect it to be more than what I expect.  One piece (one yard in length and 1/2 yard by with) will cost me 1800php (/40 in usd) I asked why its so pricey they told me that they are hand woven and they are the real deal. Well I really hope they are and if they are I understand the price. My grandmother use to wave this and it can take him 3 days to make one piece and that depends on the pattern. 

bottom line is that dk have to be contented with something rented for now :) it will cost me around 100usd just to make him a complete set. I might as well better go home to ask some local who are still making this to earn a living, at least i know that it's real and I can get a discount.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Learning How 2 Use Chopstick

When I was young I learn how to eat with my bare hands before my mom introduce me to to spoon and fork. I learned how to use the knife and other table utensils when I was 16. (we don't use them at home, I only learned them on my social orientation course in college) These days though, kids are learning things at an early age.. so here comes DK learning how to use a chopstick at 2.

he uses spoon on a daily basis but don't know yet how to use knife and fork
I guess that will come later when he is already an expert on the spoon
after all we don't use knife that much

it was actually an imaginary food :) hehe

how about you when did you learn to use spoon and fork?
which one do you use often?

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