I made a choice before not to put any pictures of my son anywhere on the web for some personal reason. But sometimes photo albums are hard to bring when travelling so I might as well just upload it and talk about it. Maybe someday DK will know a part of him that he was not aware before.

He was born November 4, 2010. Year of the tiger...

The moment I started this blog he is 2 1/2..

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Doctor Is Late

We had a doctors appointment at 8:00am and I really hate to be late in this kind of appointment because when you are late your spot will be filled and you need to fall in line. So even if it's too cold in the morning I have to wrap dk and drag his sleepy ass to the clinic...

We wanted to be early but looks like we are way to early... we were there 8:00am sharp and the doctor is not even there, the clinic is still not open so we tried to find a place where we could stay for A while. There is a pharmacy near the place so we went there... and since its almost 9:00 and the doctor is still not in I decided to take a snap. Dk is sick so it's understandable he cant smile hehe :)

The pants he was wearing is his favorite, grandma bought it for him from her travel in London. So was with the shoes. The shirt and the sweatshirt is from  High Sierra.

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