I made a choice before not to put any pictures of my son anywhere on the web for some personal reason. But sometimes photo albums are hard to bring when travelling so I might as well just upload it and talk about it. Maybe someday DK will know a part of him that he was not aware before.

He was born November 4, 2010. Year of the tiger...

The moment I started this blog he is 2 1/2..

Monday, July 8, 2013

The New Breed of Warrior

once upon a time this was what the warrior wear... the head gear is what makes you different from the other side... I am really happy that they are now garments for photo's now a days and a lot of locals are earning something from it.

this photos were taken from the park and the garments we rent it from someone at the park. the price is a bit pricey 10php/shot but the memory is long lasting it's not every time they are going to wear something like this anyway.

I actually went to the extent of thinking to make dk a costume out of this BUT when I went to the market to attempt to buy the cloth to use I was shocked by the price, I know that it might cost me more than the normal fabric but boy oh boy I did not expect it to be more than what I expect.  One piece (one yard in length and 1/2 yard by with) will cost me 1800php (/40 in usd) I asked why its so pricey they told me that they are hand woven and they are the real deal. Well I really hope they are and if they are I understand the price. My grandmother use to wave this and it can take him 3 days to make one piece and that depends on the pattern. 

bottom line is that dk have to be contented with something rented for now :) it will cost me around 100usd just to make him a complete set. I might as well better go home to ask some local who are still making this to earn a living, at least i know that it's real and I can get a discount.


  1. Your son is such a cutie. I think this photo will be something he will cherish and the story behind it is great. I can see understand that the fabric would cost so much, but it would be hard to pay that price. I look forward to seeing more photos!

    1. thank you so much.. yeah he is really a cutie :) and a bit naughty as well

  2. He is really cute and what a fun time this must be for a little one. He will love to look back and these one day and will have great memories.

  3. oh my what a cutie - he looks like he is having a great time as well :) X

  4. He looks so happy!! Don't be shocked at home much he will treasure this when he is older! Guys are much sappier then woman they are just good at hiding it!

  5. He looks so cute in that outfit! I hope you can find someone who can either make the outfit for you or weave you the cloth for it!!

  6. Very cute! Love the warrior outfit!

  7. he's so cute :) I'm glad you chose to share the pix w/us. It took me a little while to feel comfortable to start sharing my daughters pix online too.

  8. How adorable! I wouldn't even know where to start in making something like this...even if the cloth had been affordable! :) Yay you for being able to :)

  9. Anne | The Lucky WifeJuly 9, 2013 at 11:52 AM

    Cutest warrior EVER! Too precious.

  10. I would be afraid to make something from material that is so expensive because the money would be wasted if you make a mistake! I love this little warrior outfit though. Glad you were able to find one to rent.